And a new year has begun.

There is something lovely about a new start, don’t you think?

I realize the “norm” is to come up with grand plans to overhaul health or life with a new year.

But there are plenty of articles and reviews that make it very clear that this doesn’t work out well for most.

How about this time we try something different?

First – take a look at the past year.

Write down all the things that you succeeded at. Big or small. There is no such thing as too small for this.

I already know one you can write down – you have made it to 2023!

Second – while looking at last year, are there areas in your life where you want it to be different?

Jot down the areas where you want to make changes based on this past year.

Third – what is one habit you can start that will help move you in the direction that you’re wanting?

Having goals that are measurable and have a deadline and all of that are supposed to work great, but…

I’m finding most people need a more gentle approach when it comes to long-term health.

So what is one healthy habit you can integrate that helps you in the right direction?

I’m aiming for more long term success.

Making truly supportive, healthy habits a part of your norm.

You see, if you were to set the typical goal of losing x amount of weight and just power through it… typically old habits creep back in and the gained result vanishes again.

So looking at your health, what aspect do you want to work on?

And what healthy habit moves you in that direction?

This is something you can keep working on, tweaking, adapting, however you need as things shift and change.

It’s not about one big overhauling, insanity-inducing, push.

It is all about awareness of where you want to go, and finding the supportive healthy habits that can get you there.

Once that healthy habit is normal for you, you can add the next piece.

And if you’re still iffy, we can discuss this more at your next appointment.

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