There is a really simple habit that can help you look younger, breathe better, and release more stem cells.

What is this incredible healthy habit?

It’s chewing.

Actually, really, truly chewing your food.

I know many people love food.

But overall, as humans, we have lost the art of chewing.

Think about it:
How many smoothie recipes are out there?
How many soft foods (which is the majority of foods nowadays) are there at every grocery store?
How many protein powders and shakes are there now?

None of these involve chewing!

This lack of chewing has literally reshaped the human skull.

With the Industrial Age came processed food, and it’s very clear how human faces suddenly started deteriorating.

Mouths became smaller, facial bones stunted, teeth crooked, and dental issues ensued. And with that, breathing problems shot up.

Looking at skulls from 300 years ago, almost all humans had huge sinus cavities, strong jaws, and straight teeth…

Our ancestors naturally spent hours a day chewing their food.

Today, our food is so processed that chewing isn’t even all that necessary anymore.

Our ancestors had wide, strong faces with mouths, teeth, and throats that let them breathe well.

Today, many people get clogged airways, stuffy noses, and snore.

And you might think snoring isn’t a big deal… but no amount of snoring is normal and it certainly isn’t healthy.

Our mouths are smaller than what they used to be and need to be and that creates a blockage of the airway.

That kind of obstruction has been linked with problems like snoring, sleep apnea, and even ADHD and asthma.

I mean, have you ever wondered why so many people have more teeth than can fit into their own mouth?

It’s because we don’t chew our food properly anymore, and haven’t for a long time.

While a lot of these issues have been passed along from generation to generation, some of this begins right after birth.

Studies have shown that babies that are breastfed have fewer incidences of sleep apnea, snoring, or crooked teeth because they have better developed airways and faces.

And even as adults we can still do something about it!

All you have to do is eat real food and chew it.

The bones in the human face actually continue being able to expand and remodel well into our 70s, and probably beyond that, too. So chew! It’s not too late.

The act of chewing – the clamping down and releasing and repeat- creates a signal to produce stem cells to keep the maxilla (an important bone in the face) strong.

So the big takeaway here is: chew your food. Actually, properly chew food. And make sure it’s food that actually needs chewing.

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