How are you with drinking water?

Do you like it?

Do you have to pee all the time when you drink it?

Do you feel like it makes you swell when you drink it?

Do you feel dehydrated even when you feel you drink plenty of water?

Well, there are a couple of things to consider with your drinking water:

1. Bottled water isn’t good – they’ve not only found plastic in there, but other toxins as well.

2. Tap water is full of toxins – you’ll need to either look up your city water report or have it tested to know what is in there and then choose a water filter accordingly.

3. When you have filtered your water according to the toxins in it, important minerals will be missing.

4. And I hope it goes without saying that flavored waters, sports drinks, soda, juice, don’t count as drinking water…

Ok, so assuming you have well-filtered water…

… but you still answer yes to peeing all the time (assuming you’re not pregnant) or feeling like you swell with drinking water, or feel dehydrated…

It might surprise you that we do need salt for proper hydration.

I really don’t mean table salt. That’s just bad for you. Stop it.

I mean something like Celtic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.

Even just a tiny bit of this will help you actually get the water into your cells.

Keeping in mind that water is needed for most all functions in the body, you know how important proper hydration is.

Plus, with those two salt options you are also getting other important minerals.

And while we’re talking about important minerals… magnesium.

Magnesium being one of the top deficiencies in the country, and being involved with over 800 functions (some say over 1,000), it’s pretty important.

(Side note: I also find it interesting that there are reduced magnesium levels in acute and chronic brain diseases.)

And magnesium is involved in proper hydration.

Because of that, the ReMag liquid magnesium has been very helpful in getting people properly hydrated.

It’s a combination of being picometer sized and highly absorbable, and it’s magnesium.

So with all of this, to get better hydration, what do you do?

So what are some overlying factors that can be involved here?

  •  Add a little pink Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt to your water
  • Add ReMag

Do you have to do this all the time with all of your water?

Feel it out,

A lot of people are dehydrated and don’t even realize.

It doesn’t take a lot of your choice of salt, either.

Just a little bit, and see how you feel.

With the ReMag on the other hand, as your body gets magnesium that can be absorbed, the dormant magnesium functions will rev up.

So you may need more magnesium for a while, and once functions are running well, healing is happening, and storage is filled, then you will naturally decrease dose again.

Now, how about a nice glass of water?

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