Continuing our journey about hormone health, this upcoming piece is absolutely crucial.

You see, your hormones, and every other aspect of your health, never go wonky for no reason.

There is always an underlying issue.

That’s why the catchy term “root cause” has become so popular.
But surprisingly, even there the point of what is actually causing the issue is often missed.

Meaning, we’re talking about your hormones right now, but it’s not really about your hormones.

Wonky hormones are a sign of something else, something underlying going on.

A major source of these issues comes from toxicities.

This is why it is crucial to become aware of possible toxins involved, and to remove the source!

Right now, we’re going to talk about chemicals that disrupt your hormones.

There are chemicals that are completely legal that will not only disrupt your endocrine (hormonal) system, but can negatively impact all other body systems as well.

Interestingly, some of these chemicals are banned in other countries.

Why they are allowed is a political thing, so we won’t go there.

It’s just important to know that toxic chemicals exist around you, so you can take steps to minimize your exposure.

Because it’s true, we live in a toxic world at this point.

That’s nothing to drive yourself crazy over.

You do the best you can, and for the rest you trust your body.

So the list of chemicals we’re going to focus on this time can show up in all sorts of products including:

  • Personal hygiene products
  • House cleaning products
  • Plastics
  • Air fresheners / candles
  • Dryer sheets and other laundry items

I suggest focusing on these items first, because they are the easiest to swap out.

While there are many chemicals to consider, here are 13 chemicals to start with:

  1. Parabens
  2. Phthalates
  3. “Fragrances”
  4. DEA
  5. TEA
  6. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  7. Sodium laureth sulfate
  8. Formaldehyde
  9. BPA / BPS / etc
  10. Triclosan
  11. Glyphosate
  12. PCBs
  13. Polyethelene glycols (PEGs)

Are there other toxins and causes that can mess up hormones?

Absolutely. But this is a solid place to start that is very manageable.

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