This topic has a lot of fluff built up around it. 

There are many wrong ways of doing it. 

I’m sure you have seen detox smoothies and teas. You’ve heard of 30 day detoxes…

While those can be a nice idea to give your body a break, they aren’t actually a detox. 

There is supporting your body’s natural daily detox processes, and then there is actually utilizing specific products to get dangerous toxins out.

We are exposed to a lot of toxins that we should never be in contact with. Heavy metals and chemicals, for example. 

And because of those toxins, mold and parasites can take over easier, too. 

To do a proper detoxification, you need several pieces in place: 

  • Removing the source 
  • Your drainage funnel needs to be working right 
  • Using the right products 
  • Supportive healthy habits 

Your drainage funnel consists of:

  • Your bowels (are you pooping daily)
  • Your liver and bile duct
  • Your lymph and kidneys (do you pee regularly and well)
  • Your skin (can you sweat easily)
  • Your mitochondria (are you sleeping well, do you have energy, can you heal well)

In an ideal scenario, you can make sure your drainage funnel is working properly first.

If you experience an acute toxicity, you’ll want to make sure to get the toxin out ASAP. 

While I was working in Germany, I unknowingly built up a lead toxicity from some old lead pipes. Of course, the first step was eliminating the source.

I also started a heavy metal detox right away. Leaving the lead be would mean it can settle into my bones and every other tissue I have.

I used Cytodetox, which helped eliminate the lead via breath, urine, and sweat, in addition to bowels. 

That means I wasn’t overburdening my already struggling body. I was using a product to handle the part my body couldn’t.

This is a really important piece: using the right products. 

With detoxification/binders, you’ll want to be sure you use ones that are: 

  • Free of contaminants
  • True binders (they don’t let go of the toxin in your body, otherwise you’re just redistributing and that can lead to a lot of problems)
  • Healing for your tissues and body
  • Providing energy to your cells 

That’s why I personally use CellCore BioSciences. They fulfill every requirement I have and are clinically effective. I’ve suffered through a lot of products to find these ones. 

But don’t forget to use your healthy habits with this!

The binders are important, but you do still need to support your body by: 

  • Dry brushing / rebounding
  • Sweating at least three times per week
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep (as an adult) 
  • Eating foods that nourish you / intermittent fasting 

You want to bind the toxins with the binder, and then support your body with the healthy habits. The healthy habits alone can’t beat these toxins. And vice versa. 

There are a lot of ins and outs of detox, that’s what I help patients with every day. And understanding the basics makes this process a whole lot easier!


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