I hear myself reminding people all the time to drink enough water.

And with some of them I’ve already had the conversation about what to consider with water.

But let’s make sure we cover our bases here.

Don’t drink bottled water.

I mean those one time use plastic bottles.

That plastic is toxic, and if it stood out in the sun there is even more transfer into your water.

Plastic has been linked with messing up hormones and so many other health issues.

Plus, the amount of extra trash really harmful to our planet and us (think micro plastics from all of those plastics – in air, water… ).

And really… do you know what water is in the bottle?

Companies have been known to fill those with just plain tap water…

Do you know what is in your water at home?

Check your city water report (assuming you use city water).

You can easily look this up online by typing in your city the year and “water report.”

Once you’ve checked your water report, you can get a filter that will remove the toxins.

Some of the options for this are:

  • counter top filter
  • under the sink filter
  • shower head filter
  • full house filter

I do want to side note that the shower filters don’t work for fluoride. The filtration rate is too fast with showers so they can’t get the fluoride out.

Why do I mention fluoride specifically?

Because fluoride is super toxic – it lowers IQ, is toxic to your thyroid, weakens bones, bad for kidneys, harmful to fertility…

It does depend on what is in your water to determine what the best filter option is.

A couple of filter companies to consider include:

  • Aquasana
  • Big Berkey
  • Pure Effect

If you are on well water, or you want a thorough water report for your water, I recommend using Tap Score.

You choose the type of report you want, they send you the test, you ship your samples to them, you get your report.

This is certainly more thorough than the water report given to you by the city…

Just because a city water report doesn’t list certain things doesn’t mean it’s not in there, they just didn’t test for it.

If that’s an option you want to consider, here’s their link: Tap Score

Now, when it comes to reusable bottles, glass or metal are my preference.

I know there are the BPA free plastic bottles, but often that means they just use BPS instead…

Plastic really is tricky territory all around.

But if plastic bottles are your only option, the reusable plastic bottles are a much better option than the one time use plastic bottles.

Also, always make sure to properly clean the reusable bottles.

All of the potential toxins in water are a really important consideration when it comes to your health.

If you were exposed to these or other toxins, doing true detox may be a good option for you.

There is a lot to detox, so if you’re curious check out these courses: https://members.unlimitedhealthy.com/

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