Now we come to cholesterol in this three part series of vitamin D, lard, and cholesterol. 

You already know why vitamin D is absolutely vital for your health.

You know that lard is a great source of vitamin D and supports your health. 

Did you know your body needs cholesterol to produce vitamin D! 

Cholesterol is also needed in the production of hormones (such as testosterone and estrogen). 

Cholesterol is absolutely necessary for your health, including brain health. 

It has been found that in the elderly, the best memory is in those with the highest levels of cholesterol… 

Why would that be? Because your brain is 60% fat… 20% of that is cholesterol. 

Basically that means 25% of your cholesterol is in your brain. That means attacking cholesterol = attacking your brain.

It makes sense then why cholesterol lowering drugs have been found to have over 300 adverse health effects… including birth defects, muscle damage, nerve damage, liver damage, hormone disruption, cancer promotion, diabetes promotion, etc. 

Some of the dangers of low cholesterol include:

  • depression
  • increased risk of suicide
  • aggression (towards self and others)
  • deficit and decline of memory 
  • increased risk of certain cancers
  • premature aging
  • death

Did you notice that last one in the list? Without cholesterol, we’re dead. 

Cholesterol is really important for health. 

And no, there is no “bad” cholesterol. 

That supposed “bad” cholesterol is actually really important for building muscle. 

LDL delivers needed cholesterol to tissues for repair, and then HDL cleans up after. 

You see? We need both. 

It’s not cholesterol causing cardiovascular disease, it’s inflammation. Cholesterol is the body’s response trying to heal the cause and clean up.

Now, do we want cholesterol to go rampant? 

No, as in all things with health and nature, everything needs to be in harmony. 

Am I running after specific numbers? No. 

This is a cohesive approach to making sure your body is in harmony (and that includes cholesterol!):

  • reduce inflammation (and your cholesterol levels will balance out)

      • get proper sleep
      • exercise
      • eat healthy fats
      • get vitamin D
      • cut out blue light
      • don’t eat vegetable oils (canola/corn/cottonseed/soy/sunflower/safflower)
      • don’t eat sugar or grains (and yes, juice is sugar)
      • avoid chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, etc

You have to admit, it’s pretty cool that your body is always on your side, not fighting you like you were led to believe…

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