I’m always seeking out the most natural, healthiest ways that you can use to support your health. 

That led me to attending a seminar this past weekend with two of the most intelligent human beings I know. 

And while I am very excited to get my hands on my patients and use all the knew information I learned (or see you virtually, to teach you what I learned)…

… I want to share with you the simplest tip out of the entire 15 hours. 

You already know how important your mitochondria are (they are not just the powerhouse of your cells). 

Those people we see aging gracefully, they are the ones with the most mitochondria. 

This makes any activity that increases your mitochondria an excellent habit. 

Some of those things we’ve already talked about, such as cold exposure, heat exposure, fasting…

But what if there were a 3 minute habit that can help you with your mitochondria? 

3 minutes, that’s all I’m asking… 

I’m talking about HIIT. 

That’s High Intensity Interval Training. For 3 minutes. 

Basically, that means: 

  • do an exercise for 1 minute at maximum
  • take a 1 minute break with easy walking or some gentle movement
  • do another 1 minute of maximum intensity again

And you’re done. Would it be good to do it longer? Sure. 10 minutes would be awesome!

But if you can do this for 3 minutes, and do it most days of the week, you are taking an excellent step for your health. 

Of course, don’t push to the point of hurting yourself. Do listen to your body!

The kinds of exercises people use for HIIT are varied and depend on what you like. 

Some of the exercise options for this include (there are many more): 

  • sprints
  • jumping jacks
  • burpees
  • squats
  • pushups
  • jump rope
  • stairs 

Even though you want to go fast, do watch your form. This isn’t supposed to wreck you.

And again, 3 minutes is all it takes. That’s doable, right?

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