What is something that you can do that affects every aspect of your health?

Eat with the seasons… and be careful about fruit. 

Be careful about the type of fruit you eat and when you eat it. 

This does go back to sugar, and cutting sugar out of your diet. 

Yes, most people think I only mean added sugar. 

  • And yes, added sugar like sucrose (cane sugar) can play a significant role in developing ulcerative colitis… 
  • And may be associated with cognitive decline in older adults… 
  • And has been associated with increased cancer risk… 

But I do mean all sugar. When your body is inflamed and trying to heal, sugar is sugar is sugar. 

That means even fructose, the sugar from fruit, can add to these aforementioned issues as well. 

And here is part of the problem: the fruit we eat today has often been selectively bred to make them sweeter. That means more sugar. 

That means the fruit we eat, claiming we do as nature intended, isn’t actually as nature intended. And let’s not get into the topic of GMO now… 

A lot of the fruit we know today is bigger and sweeter than it was originally.

So increased sugar is the first issue with eating a lot of fruit. 

The next part is a matter of timing. Both in terms of time of day and time of year. 

Sugar is supposed to give you energy. 

If your body doesn’t need the added energy, it quickly gets put into storage for later use. In humans, that extra storage is called fat cells.

Not being active means not needing extra energy. Being sedentary, winding down the day, going to bed are all times when sugar is not needed.

Plus, sugar inflames you. Especially when your body doesn’t need the sugar for energy right then, there is even more to inflame you. 

Inflammation is pretty much the base for most diseases. 

Time of year is an important factor because in order for fruit to have all the healthy properties for which we are eating it in the first place, it has to fully ripen on the plant.

Nature didn’t realize we would ship food all over the world and have it available 24/7, or that we would pick the fruit too soon so it can make it across the world.

That means the fruit isn’t ready in terms of nutrients like it should be, and we’re eating something year round instead of at specific times.

When we do something outside of how nature intended, it creates an abnormal internal environment, and that leads to health problems.

In this case, it means eating sugar year round and creating inflammation. 

What can you do?

  • try to eat with the seasons more
  • cut out added sugar
  • avoid fruit before bedtime or when you won’t be active 
  • if you eat fruit, include some healthy fats to help your out insulin

This is also the type of situation where it is important that you actually make the changes. Don’t just reach for supplements to cover it up. 

I do have favorite supplements to help the body resolve inflammation, but for real healing we need to address the source along with giving the body extra support. 

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