There’s a saying that floats around in the natural health care world… 

“Genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” 

The concept is true, but I actually rather dislike the saying. 

At the beginning of the last century, there was a big push away from natural health care and towards pharmaceuticals. 

This push changed how people relate to their bodies and their health. 

It was a very disempowering push, one that puts you at war with your body. 

This push made people believe that the body is too dumb to function. Things have to be cut out. Toxins have to be put in. Every instinct has to be overridden. 

They made people believe that nutrition doesn’t matter. Thoughts don’t matter. You have zero control of your health. 

I hope reading this has made some part of you feel a bit uncomfortable. That’s the part trying to tell you how wrong this approach is for your health (and your life, really). 

That is instinct – your internal compass directing you towards what is best for you. 

That mindset that pHARMa has pushed for so long pits you against your body. It’s war! Hence the reference to a gun, even in something that should be empowering to you.

Suddenly, instead of us being a part of nature, we were told that nature is bad. Germs and sunshine are dangerous! 

But here’s the thing, after many years of practice, I’ve come to witness countless patients regain their health and their life… all by coming back to nature and how we were created to function. 

By working with your body, from a place of love, you gain true health. 

For myself, I became free of fibromyalgia. It’s why I still exist, get to have my practice and help my patients, hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and truly love my life. 

One patient, a mother, who after her first child thought she won’t be able to have any more, just had her third beautiful baby – and as a free birth! Total trust in her baby’s knowing and her body’s knowing.

One patient happily told me about how his medical doctor couldn’t grasp that he is no longer a diabetic (and without drugs, they just cover symptoms). To his medical doctor it is not possible to heal from diabetes. 

And another patient, a young man, who went from getting severely elevation sick at ~10,000 feet to being able to hike two 14ers in one day without any problems. 

I could go on, I love talking about my patients’ achievements because I feel so proud of my patients for taking the steps, learning to trust themselves, and regaining their health.

But I want to make sure you catch the beauty of this -> everyone has the option to take their health back. 

These three examples, and myself too, it’s not that we have blessed genetics or luck. 

We all put in the work. 

The premise by which I do everything in my practice is the basic chiropractic principle of “the power that made the body heals the body,” all I have to do is remove interference.

So the phrase “genetics load the gun, environment pulls the trigger” feels appalling to me because you are not at war with your body. 

It’s meant to be empowering, because you can direct your health, but those words still put it back into that “at war” mindset. But health doesn’t work that way. 

It’s more about, maybe we need to: 

  • find the underlying toxicity and do a detox with you
  • find any nutrient deficiencies hanging around and fix those
  • find the healthy habits that will best support you and your health
  • find the sneaky thoughts that hold you back or trip you up

Let’s come back to remembering your health isn’t a war between you and your body. Your health is one of the many beautiful facets of the whole being that is you. 

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