Toxins causing hormone imbalances is not new.

But there is now a new major source. 

Recently, more new patients have been coming to me because suddenly, with no prior history, they are experiencing major menstrual changes, infertility, and low testosterone. 

I think for many, this new source won’t be a surprise – it’s the new jabs. 

Data from the manufacturing companies themselves show that the spike protein spreads throughout the entire body within hours of injection.

A favorite place to go includes the ovaries / testes, not that there is really any organ that is safe from it. 

You may be thinking “I didn’t get the jab, why would my hormones get messed up?”

Because when someone gets the jab, they shed the ingredients from that injection. 

This is normal. Our bodies are supposed to externalize everything they don’t want or need. 

It means that those of us who didn’t get the jab are being exposed.

The difference is that when you didn’t get the jab, you were exposed to that stuff in a way that your body is meant to be exposed to stuff – breathing it in, mucous layers, ingesting it. 

That means all of your body’s protective barriers were activated in the process, so that your body can actually do something about it. 

Now you’re probably wondering why your hormones got affected then, if your body has all of these protective layers. 

Because it is still something foreign and toxic for your body, and your body needs some extra help. 

My top favorite healthy habit to support you with this is intermittent fasting! 

During the fasting process, your body does chew up anything not serving a purpose to you (this is why it’s so effective against cancer as well). 

Fasting is also a major healing tool in general, and as a human being you are meant to go through times of fasting (think of the feast and famine our ancestors went through). 

The next extremely important tool is sleep! 

Your body heals when you sleep. Your brain de-gunks while you sleep. As an adult, you need to get 8 hours of sleep per night. 

Teenagers need way more sleep! They’re not lazy, their brain needs it for development. 

And finally, you need to pick a de-stressing habit and use it! 

Stress causes inflammation. If your hormones are wacky, there is already inflammation. 

There are lots of great tools you can use, meditation, heart brain harmony, and hiking are my personal top picks. 

And finally, since this is a major issue, there are supplements I have found to be very healing: 

  • MitoATP – this helps protect your DNA, supports your mitochondria, supports detox at the deepest level
  • ViRadChem Binder – this goes after viruses (they are just particles, keep in mind) and part of the issue is those mRNA bits they have in those jabs, plus it goes after radiation and chemicals too, while supporting the damaged tissues
  • If hormones are really wacky, Femicrine helps balance sex hormones 

And there is another piece to consider: since we’re talking toxins and how that affects your hormone balance, we have to support the liver as well! 

Liver stagnation (which of course happens more so when there are more toxins to deal with) can add to the improper absorption and processing of hormones. 

For some great liver care, my two favorite options:

  • KL Support – supports healthy kidney and liver function, minimizes die-off symptoms from detox, supports detox, prevents toxin buildup 
  • Advanced TUDCA – enhances liver and digestive function, promotes production of glutathione, increases bile flow, up regulates detox, protects the liver

Now, you may be wondering “Dr. K, you didn’t really say much about hormones specifically…?”

That’s because we’re wanting to go after the source. What is it that messed up your hormone balance (and your health, it goes hand in hand) in the first place!

Hormone replacement and all of those approaches just cover it up, we need to address what threw your body off.

When we remove the toxicities, your body gets to heal, just like she was created to do. 

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