We live in a toxic world, so detox at some point is a must. 

There are detoxes to support your body against parasites, mold/candida/fungus, heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, etc…

Sometimes the toxin is obvious – like when symptoms get worse around the full moon (hello, parasites!). Or every time you leave your house your symptoms decrease (good chance of mold)… 

Often, when a new patient comes to me and tells me they’ve done detox, it is often followed up with “it didn’t really do anything” or “it was horrible!”

My top questions for when a detox “didn’t do anything” or “was horrible” include: 

  1. was it actually a detox, or an organ support
  2. was your drainage funnel cared for first
  3. what products were used
  4. what healthy habits were incorporated into the detox
  5. was the source removed 

You see, sometimes there is the misconception that drinking a “detox” tea containing maybe dandelion, ginger, licorice, clove, etc is equivalent to doing a detox.

This is actually a nice, gentle support for your liver, for example. It’s not a detox though, it supports your drainage funnel. 

Supporting your drainage funnel is massively important to do a detox, but it is not detox itself. 

That distinction is really important, and explains why drinking that tea may not have had the profound effects the person was looking for. 

Your drainage funnel has to be cared for in order to be able to do a real detox. We always want to work with your body, so we have to make sure she’s ready!

The drainage funnel is your body’s natural flow through various organs and tissues that keep you healthy and happy. If it’s clogged up or functioning sub par, that’s when detox can feel horrible.

And to make it worse: when a detox feels horrible, the efficacy could well be lacking because your body isn’t keeping up or the product being used isn’t doing its job. 

It’s also crucial to incorporate the right healthy habits into a detox, because we already know your body needs help, but health can’t solely come out of a bottle, and again, we want to work with your body…

To make it simple, with any true detox, consider the following: 

1. Be clear if you are wanting to detox, or support specific organs

2. Open up your drainage funnel (bowels, liver, bile, kidneys, lymph, skin, mitochondria)

3. Use the right products (my preference is CellCore BioSciences – they have the standards, the science, and the integrity I demand) 

      • to support your drainage funnel
      • to kill pathogens
      • to bind toxins for complete removal from your system (which can include the dead pathogens, some binders can do both)

4. Fully remove the toxin from your system 

      • that’s where the right product comes in again
      • sweat regularly
      • move your body
      • get your sleep
      • lower your stress levels

5. Was the source of the toxin removed (if possible)

So if you, too, have experienced detoxes that “did nothing” or you “felt horrible” while doing it, consider the list above so you can fine tune this very needed process of detox.

Given the above list, this is also why I always work with you on opening up your drainage funnel, supporting your organs, and removing the source before we jump into a detox. 

I know it can feel tempting to just dig into a detox right away, but trust me, detoxes can go horribly wrong when we do things out of order (depending on your body’s needs). 

Plus, using healthy habits, naturally keeping your body in top health, does mean your body can handle a huge chunk of detox on her own. 

It’s why I’m always making recommendations on healthy habits you can incorporate, and keep adding more and more ideas here as well: http://unlimitedhealthy.com/articles/ 

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