Do you know which one of your organs is vital for detox, regulates temperature, is involved with your immune system, is in direct communication with your gut and brain, and is involved with hormonal processes? 

If you guessed your skin, you are absolutely correct! 

Your skin is the second largest organ of your body (the connective tissue is the largest), and it does a lot of heavy lifting for us. 

Having clear, strong, youthful looking skin is a good indicator for your health. 

Sadly there are entire industries that push harmful interventions to create the illusion of pretty, healthy skin. These tend to cause a lot of health issues that entirely miss the point. 

The only way you can have healthy, strong, youthful skin is by actually taking care of yourself. To do so, there are some external, and especially internal, factors to consider. 

Let’s start with what you can do on the inside to have healthy, beautiful skin: 

  • eat organic foods (this decreases your toxic load, a vital step for your skin)
  • drink plenty of clean water, some lemon water can be a nice addition
  • find stress management tools that resonate for you and use them! (this can be anything from meditation, journaling, yoga, EFT, etc)
  • take care of your emotional/mental well being 
  • sweat! You have to sweat – exercise, sauna, hot bath, it all counts! 
  • get 8 hours of sleep per night 
  • stop smoking
  • support your liver, bile, and mitochondria 
  • have bowel movements daily 
  • ensure you get the right amount of vitamin A, C, Bs, and E
  • probiotics like Skin Byome from Systemic Formulas (not all probiotics are created equal) that give you the exact bacterial strains your gut needs for healthy skin

I know you’re already doing some of these! So this list is just giving you further options on how to build on that! 

The real beauty here is that as you work on having healthy skin, you are helping your entire body be healthy! 

And there are great things you can do for your skin externally, as well: 

  • dry brushing
  • avoid personal hygiene products with chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins
  • add 1 drop of HydrOxygen (CellCore BioSciences) into your face lotion and apply (it’s also great directly on wounds, scrapes, burns, acne) 
  • get gentle direct sunlight
  • avoid chlorine and fluoride (think swimming pools and tap water depending on your location) 

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that taking care of your skin health turns consists of a mix of removing toxins and supporting your body.

Whenever there is the question of how to be healthy or get healthy, or in this case have pretty skin, it always comes down to supporting your body. 

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