Did you ever want to lose weight?

Thought it’s really difficult to lose weight?

Or it’s just impossible for you to lose weight?

Most people answer yes to at least one of these questions.

And that makes sense, since there are a lot of pervasive ideas about weight loss that are completely wrong.

For example, “calories in, calories out” is ridiculous and I wish I never have to hear that saying again.

Or the idea that you have to eat every couple of hours to keep up your energy…

… that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is actually an underlying, metabolic, health issue happening when someone gets dizzy / light headed / hangry without eating all the time.

Or the idea that you can eat whatever you want as long as you intermittent fast…

I could go on about the lies I hear regularly about health and weight loss, but instead let’s talk about what is actually true for weight loss (and health).

Are there differences between people’s needs?

Of course!

But let’s go over the basics of human physiology that do apply to everyone.

The basics to get you on track for weight loss:

  • cut out sugar (it’s a poison, it’s more addictive than cocaine, it causes damage and inflammation, there is no saving grace for this)
  • increase healthy fats (healthy fats do not make you fat)
  • don’t eat grains (we talked about this last time)
  • eat real food – GMO free, organic, pastured, and depending on the animal – grass fed, soy free, antibiotic free, hormone free…
    • side note: grass fed grass finished goes for cows, chickens on the other hand are not vegetarians!
  • sleep 8 hours per night
  • utilize some type of fasting
  • exercise – no, not insane amounts of cardio or something. Move your body in ways that feel good (dancing, hiking, yoga etc) and throw in some 3 minute HIIT sessions and weight lifting (I prefer exercises that use my body instead of machines)
  • decrease your stress levels- this often gets overlooked or ignored, but it is an absolute must (we’ll get into that next time)

For some, they still hit a wall and tell me “but doc, I’ve done that… why am I still struggling?”

Well, I did say those are the basics.

Now the potential blindspots come into play:

  • do you have a heavy metal / chemical / mold / parasite toxicity?
  • is your drainage funnel working properly?
  • do you have any nutrient deficiencies?
  • do you think your body is fighting you?
  • are you being a wee bit impatient?
  • did you think it’s a one and done type of concept?
  • are you unable to sweat?
  • do you have unresolved emotional trauma?
  • how often do you do the “just this once” with foods that harm you?

I don’t have quick answers for those questions.

But I hope you realize there is always an underlying reason when weight loss (assuming you’re aiming at a healthy weight here) is not happening…

Start with the basics, and I know those can get a bit tricky too since there are some foods that are dubbed “healthy” but aren’t actually for you…

And we can go from there.

Keep in mind, your body is always striving for health, we’re just removing barriers and allowing for healing to take place.

If you need further guidance on this, check out our available courses here: http://unlimitedhealthy.com/courses/

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