What’s the point? 

I mean, taking care of your health is so much effort. It takes time. It takes money. 

It’s not always easy. Learning anything new can be tough, especially when you feel you’re the only person making these lifestyle changes. 

But trust me, you are not alone!

And every single healthy change you make is worth it. 

I can say that with full confidence. 

Why? Because I have lived it. 

I went from 13 years of suffering from fibromyalgia and thinking I won’t ever get to live my life…

… to becoming a doctor, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and getting to own my own practice to help as many wonderful people as I can. 

You see, your natural state is actually health. Learning the healthy steps I teach to be healthy is a return to your natural state of being. 

We know that pain takes over the entire brain, which means a person in pain doesn’t get to be fully themselves.

We know as soon as health is gone, it is suddenly apparent that it is the most important thing we have. 

Basically, everything in your life is affected by your health. 

And that is the point! 

Your natural state is to be healthy. When you are in true health, you get to live your life on your terms. 

That’s why practicing the healthy habits, making sure self care is part of your everyday, is not only important but also so worth it. 

That’s why, in our appointments, I teach you healthy habits. I teach you how to take care of your body. How to hear your body. How to be healthy. 

That’s the point. It’s you getting to be happy and healthy. 

So get that sleep. Take that walk. Drink your water. Make your appointment with me. Take your supplements. Enjoy being you. 

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