Over time I have learned a habit that I didn’t realize I had started. But this is one that actually makes all the difference! 

I was cross country skiing with my family and started contemplating if I wanted to drink some water. Bear in mind, with skis on there is enough noise that you can’t communicate quite as well, we always all stop together so nobody is alone in grizzly country (bears are not true hibernators, they can be up during winter), and it’s usually pretty cold.

Instead of waiting until the last minute when I’m just dying for some water, I say the need the moment I notice I have that need. Guaranteed, we’ll first start looking for a sunny spot, for everyone to have caught up, and for others to be thirsty as well. 

If I waited until the last moment to say I need water, it would be very aggravating that others don’t seem to take my need seriously. That I have to wait for that need to be met.

I might even need more water at this point than when I originally got thirsty… 

Now, did I pick a very hugely oversimplified example for this concept? Yes.

But it applies to needing water while cross country skiing, as well as to any aspect of health, relationships, and life. 

When I had fibromyalgia for 13 years, it was basically my body screaming at me that there are needs not being met. I have learned to hear the whispers, but better yet, I have learned what healthy habits to use prophylactically to not keep running into issues. 

Especially with the holidays coming up, what are some healthy habits you might want to consider making daily habits?

You see, the different suggestions and recommendations I make every time we have an appointment are there for you to use. These range from prophylactic habits to keep you healthy, to healing habits to get you healthy. 

No matter what your healthy habits are, they will serve you far better when you use them as daily habits to simply live in a state of health.

Backpedaling once a non-issue has built into a huge problem (when it comes to health, think weight gain, autoimmune issues, cancer, Alzheimer’s, mood issues, getting sick often, regular headaches, depression, anxiety, etc) is much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive, than just taking care of yourself now. 

Since I know you’re making sure to come in for your regular appointments and are taking the suggested supplements, here are some other healing practices as a reminder.

I know some of them aren’t fun, some aren’t needed daily, and others take a bit extra effort. But they are all important for your health.

Choose some you can make a daily habit of (or weekly habit) and make taking care of yourself a daily occurrence. 

  • Fasting – intermittent or block
  • Exercise 
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Coffee enema
  • Garlic enema
  • Sauna 
  • Dry brushing 
  • Meditation
  • Heart-Brain Harmony 
  • Oil pulling (careful with this one, people in the house love asking me questions when I do this and obviously can’t answer)
  • Read inspiring books
  • Breath work 
  • Stretching / yoga 
  • Cutting out sugar
  • Cutting out grains
  • Hydration

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