Typically, when there is something we really know we should do but just can’t get ourselves to do it, there is something deeper going on.

For example, we know as humans we need to move our bodies.

We need to move our bodies (aka “exercise”) for many health reasons.

But why is it so hard for so many people to convince themselves to do it?

Because few people move their bodies just for the joy of moving their bodies.

But that is what we need to come back to.

I mean, yes, getting exercise is massively important because there are so many health benefits.

And there is no replacement for exercise.

But take a moment to consider the idea of moving your body because it feels good, because it’s fun, because you just feel like it.

Somehow, at some point, society managed to make one of the most natural things for human beings a chore.

The biggest reasons I’ve found for people disliking exercise include:

  • they use an exercise that is wrong for their body
  • they think it will take up far too much time and it just stresses them out more
  • they push too hard
  • they feel bad about their body
  • they think of exercise as punishment

But those reasons are either not true or can easily be changed!

So what can you do to start liking movement again?

Ignore everything else but how you and your body feel when you move your body.

I’m serious.

It’s not about how many miles, how fast, how long, how many reps, etc you did.

Moving the body is actually a joyous thing.

This is a great time to start listening to your body!

Maybe one day you just want to take little walk around the neighborhood.

On another day you want to give that belly dancing DVD a try.

And on another day, maybe stretching is all that you feel like.

It really is that simple.

By listening to your body this way, you will start building strength…

… as you build strength, you start feeling up for more.

As you build that strength, you might start getting curious about activities you wouldn’t have dreamed of before.

Maybe you want to go for a hike now, or try rock climbing, kayaking..

There are so many fun ways to move your body.

And obviously, by the sheer amount of options out there, individual tastes will vary.

Just keep listening to your body, start nice and slow and easy, and watch how your strength, ability, and curiosity keep growing!

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