As the new year is quickly approaching, I’m seeing a ton of “challenges” popping up. I mean the ones where people are supposed to commit for 30 days to a specific meal plan. Or exercising daily. Or finishing 1 book per week. Or whatever. 

I know it works for some people… but what I usually see is that the challenge is started, and then dropped.

So now you feel yucky because you didn’t reach this goal you had.

Or you stick it out, but it wasn’t even the healthiest approach for you specifically (since these are always very broad to suit many people).

Or you are so exhausted from the challenge that actually continuing whatever healthy thing it was is pretty much never gonna happen. 

While some might consider my living approach extreme, I actually don’t like extremes. You see, by now I don’t eat grains or sugar. I fast regularly. I get my 8 hours of sleep. I exercise nearly daily to some extent. I do my dry brushing. Get chiropractic adjustments. Take my supplements. I sauna 2-3 times per week. I could go on, but the point here is, I didn’t start every single one of those healthy habits in one day. And I don’t expect you to do that either.

I want to set you up for success. And that is achieved through baby steps. 

You have received many tools from me over time, and there are many more to find in our articles at 

What I would recommend, is for you to choose 1 or 2 healthy habits you want to truly turn into habits.

The kind of thing that you can stick to no matter what the circumstances. It can even be as simple as making an appointment with me to keep you on track, to see what changes you need in your supplement regiment, and what the next healing phase will be. 

The easiest way to create a new habit is to replace a current habit that doesn’t serve you with a habit that is awesome for you.

The other option is to link a new healthy habit with something you are already doing daily.

Because you know you are doing this thing daily, it’s just adding a piece onto that habit. That way it’s not fully creating a new habit, you’re just adding onto another one.

For instance, after I brush my teeth in the morning, I do my dry brushing. We all brush our teeth, so that’s a good place to add a new habit onto. 

Now, this is not a challenge. I’m just inviting you to join me in creating 1 or 2 new healthy habits for yourself.

Why am I doing this now? Because people are already so used to starting new habits at the beginning of a new year, so now we’re just building on an existing habit (see what I did there?)

For me, my new habit will be trying out qi gong. It’s healthy and harmonizing, and it supports the flow of energy. Note I said trying it out?

If I find it’s not for me, I’ll just try something different the following month. Trying a new healthy habit for a month is a good length of time for you to see if that habit is a good addition for you.

The amount of time it takes to truly form a new habit does vary greatly from person to person, but at least 1 month gives us time to start seeing and feeling changes!

We do have a brand new health care tracker to make this easier! So if you like, just email us and we will send it right over. And let us know what new healthy habit you’ll be working on. We’d love to cheer you on!

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