This is a really important question: did you sweat today?

I know we live in a society that demonizes sweating. Think of antiperspirants, botox procedures for the armpits, oral medications to stop sweating… 

There are entire articles in women’s magazines about how to not sweat! 

And it is all insanity! 

You HAVE to sweat. Sweating is a really important way through which your body gets rid of toxins. 

As a matter of fact, there are some toxins we can only get rid of by sweating. 

I talk about this a lot, but what do sweating, fasting, and sleep/meditation mimic? 

Why do I recommend these healthy habits all the time? 

They mimic the actions your body takes to get you back in harmony. Most people call this state being sick, but it is your body seeking to heal and regain harmony. 

A body that can do this is actually healthy because it is the proper response to a toxic state. 

Sweating is like a fever, burning away what shouldn’t be there and releasing it out of your body. 

Fasting is how people just aren’t hungry when they are sick, allowing the body to heal and chew up anything not serving a purpose to you.

Sleep is what the body seeks so much when we are sick, to be in parasympathetics.

For a lot of people, feeling crummy is the only way the body can get you to slow down. 

I always tell people that it is much easier and way more pleasant if you make sure you sweat regularly, instead of waiting for your body to step in. 

With sweating, the increased temperature is fine for you, but certain pathogens can’t tolerate it at all. 

The perspiration component helps deliver toxins out of your system. 

That means the two components of sweating are all around excellent for your health! 

Some of my favorite options to sweat include: 

  • sauna (followed by a cold shower for extra benefit)
  • hot baths (15 minutes and shower off afterwards)
  • exercise 
  • anything active that gets you sweating

It is so simple! And your body depends on this to be healthy. 

So please, stop wearing antiperspirants (they harm you) and get out there and sweat! 

Sweating 3 times per week minimum is good, anything beyond that is great, too. 

If you are someone who can’t sweat, it needs to be addressed ASAP. That is a serious, multifactorial issue that goes beyond what can be covered in an article, it is very individualistic. 

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