One of the things I love most when I’m working with you is never knowing which direction any given appointment will take. The scope of topics we get into never stops amazing. It really is an honor for me to get to be a part of your life in this capacity. 

The reason I bring this up, is because I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s just some random little thing I do in my home, for my health, in my life, that tends to bring big aha! moments for others. 

So I wanted to give you three quick tips that came up as aha moments last week: 

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (H202, 3%) – have you ever noticed a slightly pink stain or even darker spots showing up around your sink drain or in your shower? That’s mold. That’s bad. Just take your bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour enough on there to cover the area and let it do its thing. The fizzing is strangely satisfying to watch. Once it’s done, you can clean as usual (just please don’t use harsh chemicals and toxins, nobody needs those in their life). Or what about some equipment you might only use seasonally? Like for winter sports vs summer sports. Same thing, if you notice superficial mold, hydrogen peroxide does a great job getting rid of it (emphasis on superficial, this is not the solution for major mold issues). 
  1. Used coffee grounds – organic is preferred, because this is about your health, too. But once you have these coffee grounds and you enjoyed your lovely cup of coffee, go ahead and sprinkle them around your roses. Your roses will love you, you don’t need to buy extra fertilizer for them, and you reduce trash. Win, win, win. 
  1. Nix that nuisance – you know the nuisance I mean. We all have at least one. It’s that thing that just slightly annoys you every day. For me, it was the fact that I didn’t have a place to hang my jacket right where I walk in the door. There was a bench, which means everyone put everything on it (hiking packs, bear spray, crampons, jackets, etc). Is this a big deal? No. Did it just slightly annoy me daily? Yes. I finally decided to buy little jacket hooks, drilled them on the wall, and done. Jackets were put on the hooks, my annoyance was alleviated, and it looked cute. 

It’s such a stupidly little thing, right? Yes and no. You know you have a million things to handle daily, all sorts of things to pay attention to, things to get done. These little things do add up, both for what you have to get done and for what can just tweak that annoyance.

Since the solution was so simple for my jacket issue, why not take the 2 minutes to eliminate it? Or the other little annoyance I discovered, never finding scissors when I need them. Do I now have a couple more than absolutely needed? Yeah. Am I ever struggling with finding scissors even if someone else left one pair somewhere else? Nope.

I know it sounds silly, but start paying attention to your day. That little annoyance, it takes up way more of your energy over time than it should. I bet there’s a quick little fix for you, too. 

I bet you have some great little tips and tricks that make your life so much easier, too! Please share those with us, we’re always on the lookout for more ways to get healthier and reduce stress. 

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