One of the most important things I teach my patients is how to listen to their body.

But how do you know if it’s actually your body you are listening to? 

There are things that can drown out your body, speak louder than your body, or keep your body from speaking up to begin with. 

Some of those things include: 

  • parasites 
  • heavy metals
  • addictions (such as sugar and grains)
  • fear
  • mold
  • fatigue
  • discomfort 
  • chemicals 

I know some parts in that list can be a bit surprising.

How would a parasite make you not hear your body?! Well, the best example is the ant!

Scientists have found that there is a parasite that can infect ants. 

When that happens, at the end of the day, the parasite can make the ant climb to the top of a blade of grass and wait to be eaten by sheep.

Why? This is to the obvious detriment of the ant. But this allows the parasite to complete its lifecycle. 

Now, granted, humans are bigger and more complex so parasites don’t get to control us that harshly like in the poor ant! 

But they can certainly contribute or even trigger things such as anxiety, poor food choices, bad periods, depression, poor nutrient absorption, pain, and so much more.

The same goes for mold, heavy metals, chemicals… all in their own way by how they affect your body. But the affects can be pretty staggering. 

The craving for sugar is one that is asked about often, and it’s a tricky one!

Is that craving “just” an addiction? Is it a metabolic problem in the body? Is it mold / parasites / cancer making you crave it? Is it simply a seeking of comfort? 

The signal certainly feels like it is coming from your body, but it definitely isn’t serving you, so it definitely isn’t actually from your body.

Other times, feeling too tired, perceived inconvenience, or the potential for discomfort, can make someone say it’s just not the right thing… “it doesn’t feel right.”

One such instance was when I saw a need for a patient to try using coffee enemas… but she would really prefer a castor oil pack!

Well sure, I love castor oil packs. Such a nice, calming tool to heal. But it does not make up for a coffee enema. It doesn’t replace it. It doesn’t even come close. 

This is probably the only time I’ve ever advised against a castor oil pack. 

But why would I advise against it? Because the benefits of the coffee enema were so needed. And coffee enemas, due to their very nature, tend to be a thing where people like to say “it doesn’t feel right…” and yet, they are so important. 

And then there is fear… that can override your actual needs, and your body’s ability to speak to you, in no time. 

For example, your body’s needs will never include toxins, trauma, or anything else that can cause detriment to you. 

Your body’s needs also won’t include sound bites from the news or any bits from a talking head who doesn’t know any of your medical or health history. 

If you are feeling fear, take a step back. Breathe. Maybe meditate, pray, find something that makes you laugh, walk on the grass barefoot and ground yourself. 

Essentially, if you notice fear, or something being off, return to yourself. That’s where you can hear your body. That can also help with any of the other culprits I’ve mentioned.

There can be a lot involved to get to the point of hearing your body, that’s where I come in to help you figure it out.

In order to hear your body, toxins do need to be removed, deficiencies need to be corrected, and the final, crucial step? 

You have to trust yourself. Your instinct. Your intuition. Your inner guide. Call it what you want. You have to trust it. 

Each of us have that inner voice. It is that unique capacity that not only has kept our species going, but also allowed us to create all of the beauty that humans are capable of.

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