Over the years, the topic of autoimmune issues has grown tremendously.

Awareness has certainly grown and with that a major misconception has cropped up.

But it’s this part that is actually key to be able to heal from autoimmune issues.

Here’s the thing:

An autoimmune issue is NOT your body attacking herself.

Your body has been healing you since before you left the womb.

Your body is always working on healing you.

She did not suddenly decide to attack you.

So what’s happening?

Obviously people who suffer with autoimmune issues aren’t making it up.

With an autoimmune issue, we are witnessing the body trying to protect and heal you from something, but it has reached a point where we need to step in and help!


It goes back to the chiropractic principle of the cause of dis-ease:

  • thoughts
  • toxins
  • trauma

Thoughts: the things you think about, the stress you perceive/experience, the mindset and perspective you have

Toxins: parasites, mold, heavy metals, chemicals, food that isn’t food, EMFs…

Trauma: emotional, mental, or physical, there is a huge range for this

Essentially, there is a stressor on your system that is causing the autoimmune issues.

It’s not your body randomly deciding to “attack you.” She’s trying to handle the thing.

But this is when we do need to start working with the body in order to heal.

For example, you have to remove the source of toxicity, your body can’t do that for you.

Or you have to address and resolve past traumas which do get trapped in the body’s tissues and can keep you stuck in that disease cycle.

If we don’t remove the source that is messing with your body, support the body physically and mentally and emotionally, how can we expect the body to heal?

But this is also why people think autoimmunity is the body attacking herself.

Because the cause might not always seem obvious, and things build up over time.

And the body has tried to compensate for so long.

And certain root causes are still being ignored by the medical field.

So all the person sees are the horrible symptoms they are experiencing, and it seems like the body is fighting you.

But your body is always on your side. Your body does not fight you.

Interestingly, the thoughts / toxins / trauma concept applies pretty much to ALL diseases and health issues.

So where do you start?

For some of us, as soon as this concept gets laid out, the starting point is obvious, so get started on it!

But it will vary from person to person, of course, and it can be really messy in trying to figure out what is going on, because layers are a thing in health.

Either way, it’ll certainly be a process.

Because in order to heal, the old environment needs to be changed to one of healing.

This should give you hope though, because it all means that you can heal.

I healed from Fibromyalgia, so I can tell you from personal experience that it is doable.

And now I get to be so lucky to help others do the same.

And definitely keep in mind it is not about fighting your body, it is about healing.

If detox (toxins) is the part you haven’t considered before or you have been struggling with, you might want to consider using the detox courses I’ve put together to help you with the process!

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