You usually hear me talk about the need to down regulate inflammation. That we need to resolve inflammation.

But that is an oversimplification of the matter.

You see, there is acute inflammation and there is chronic inflammation.

When I talk about needing to resolve inflammation I’m addressing chronic inflammation.

Inflammation, both types, are your body trying to heal you. This is a really key concept for this entire discussion and your health.

The difference is that with an acute inflammation your body can actually heal you.

When it’s a chronic issue, it is your body spinning out of control.

Why is that?

If you were to twist your ankle, it starts getting red, swollen, and painful. That is acute inflammation.

You need that, because your body is bringing healing properties to the area to fix it.

The pain is there to tell you “please stay off of this, we’re busy healing.”

In this scenario, it is best to actually leave it be. Make sure to rest and stay off that ankle for a while, and that’s it.

The typical suggestions of icing it, etc. disrupt the healing process and increase your risk of future injury.

We don’t want that. Let your body heal you.

When we look at chronic inflammation, though, the causes have to be resolved in order for the inflammation to be resolved.

And it is stuff your body can’t do on her own.

Some of the causes of chronic inflammation include:

  • sugar / grains
  • certain foods depending on your physiology
  • alcohol
  • mold/parasites/chemicals/heavy metals/other toxins
  • lack of sleep
  • high levels of stress
  • dental issues
  • structural problems
  • lack of movement
  • stagnant lymph

When you look at the types of factors that cause chronic inflammation, there is a common theme!

They are mostly outside factors that are ongoing.

That means your body can’t overcome them because they are happening continuously.

Your body needs your help here.

Remove the source!

You hear me say this often, and this continues being an absolute must as a first step – remove the source that is causing the chronic inflammation.

After that, yes, let’s make sure we get the proper detox going to remove the toxin.

Let’s give your body some supplemental support to resolve inflammation.

And let’s get the healthy habits going as well.

My favorite supplements to support this process include:

  • Drainage Activator (CellCore BioSciences)
  • BC – ATP (CellCore BioSciences)
  • LymphActiv(CellCore BioSciences)

And the important part to keep in mind is to make sure you at least begin removing the source.

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