I think I’ve already mentioned at some point how powerful your thoughts are.

That your emotions can affect your cell functioning, your DNA, and that they can heal you.

Keeping this in mind, it makes it all the more shocking to see how many people are harsh/mean/cruel to themselves.

For most people it seems rather difficult, if not impossible, to say “I fully love and accept myself.”

Or saying “I love me,” and of course I don’t just mean saying it but also meaning it.

While this is one of the things we work on in our EFT sessions…

I would love it if you’d consider this “simple” daily practice. 

I say “simple,” because for some this might be quite difficult at the beginning.

Get in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, say “I love you.”

Do it three times. Maybe even 10 times. You can’t overdo this.

You might feel silly or uncomfortable, you might feel like you don’t mean it.

That’s ok, keep going.

Tell yourself that you are great, loved, an exquisite expression of a loving universe.

Anything kind and loving that pops into your head, say it to yourself.

Don’t lose that eye contact.

I would also recommend that you tap on the tapping points to help yourself get these messages into your head easier.*

So that you can really start embodying this.

So that you can rewire your brain to truly love yourself, and not feel like you’re lying to yourself when you say “I love me.”

Since your emotions can heal you, imagine what your emotions can do for you when you start actually loving yourself.

I have had patients find old memories or persistent unhelpful thoughts pop up during this exercise, and then we just work those out in an EFT session.

I hope you give this a try, because this daily practice, which doesn’t take much time, is a really impactful and valuable practice.

And I’d love to know how this goes for you!

Give yourself at least a month of doing this daily. Just give it a try.

*If you don’t know the tapping points, you can find them here: http://unlimitedhealthy.com/eft/