Do you know why EMFs from Bluetooth, cellphones, smartwatches, laptops (any sending/receiving device) can have detrimental affects on your health?

Did you know your nervous system is electrical?

That your heart pumps thanks to an electrical system. 

That your cells (including in your brain) have voltage gaited channels, which means they respond to electrical stimuli.  

When you hold your cellphone up to your ear during a call, that electrical stimulus causes the cells in your brain to open up… allowing calcium to rush in.

That’s cell death…

The types of symptoms and issues that come from EMF exposure are called “microwave sickness.” 

These issues have been found to be increasing as EMFs have been on the rise. 

For me, I caught myself once with my phone in my pocket and not on airplane mode. The reason I noticed was because that hip had started hurting…

Some of the top EMF exposure symptoms people experience include: 

  • fatigue / weakness
  • sleep disturbances
  • dizziness 
  • headaches / migraines 
  • brain fog / difficulty concentrating
  • memory loss
  • visual disturbances / light sensitivity 
  • skin problems (rash, itchiness)
  • heart palpitations 

Regardless of whether you knowingly experience symptoms or not, knowing your body is electrical, you know EMFs, by default, affect you. 

Some other signs of EMF exposure includes:

  • slowed / stalled detox
  • anxiety
  • flu-like symptoms 
  • inflamed sinuses
  • muscle and joint pain 
  • altered sugar metabolism 
  • altered fertility (especially for the men who always have their phone in their pocket)

Even the WHO has listed EMFs as a possible carcinogen. 

EMFs being as ubiquitous as they are, what can you do? 

You can’t completely cut EMFs out of your life, but you can limit your exposure! 

  • Never hold your phone up to your head (let’s keep those brain cells intact)
    • use wired headphones or speaker phone instead
  • Don’t use your laptop on your lap – set it on a table
  • Limit bluetooth and wifi
    • use ethernet cables instead
  • Don’t have sending / receiving devices in your bedroom
  • Avoid baby monitors and cordless phones (since babies are rapidly developing, they are more sensitive)
  • If you can, turn your router off at night (you don’t leave your toaster running 24/7 either)
  • Don’t carry sending/receiving devices on your body 
    • turn it on airplane mode if it is in your pocket 
    • never use AirPods or other wireless headphones 
    • absolutely no sending/receiving watches 

Looking at that list, which might be easiest for you to integrate today? Next week? 

This is not meant to overwhelm, this is giving you the ability to take control. Just start taking small steps today!