Many people feel stressed and overwhelmed, and the idea of adding a new healthy habit is just too much. 

When it comes to health, it’s not about the Herculean task but rather about the baby steps you continuously take. 

You know going to the gym once for 2 hours won’t get you anywhere.

But taking little walks, and building on that, you get so many benefits!

So today, I want to give you a list of little things you can do, shift, or add, that are not a big effort, but they do add up health benefits when you do them continuously. 

  • Check in with yourself about how you’re feeling (and address as needed)
  • Start a little herb garden (you can do this on a window sill if a garden isn’t an option)
  • Put a water filter on your shower head
  • Stop snacking all the time
  • Add healthy fats to your diet
  • Open your windows daily and let fresh air in
  • Stop wearing outdoor shoes inside
  • Make a point of watching / reading something funny – make yourself laugh out loud
  • Cut down on your social media time (it’s not actually adding to your life)
  • Relax your shoulders 
  • Get outside
  • Breathe in for six seconds, breathe out for 6 seconds, repeat
  • Don’t take your phone to bed with you
  • Switch to glass containers instead of plastic 
  • Drink water
  • Take the stairs when possible
  • Take the time to connect with someone you love
  • Run vinegar through your washing machine (mold likes it in there)
  • Swap your PVC shower curtain for a polyester one  
  • Sit up straight
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night (for adults, teens need way more)

In no time these little changes will be second nature to you, then you can see if there are other little changes you can make.

Again, it’s about the little baby steps, the daily habits, to get you to your healthy.

p.s. Don’t forget: Unlimited Healthy = Unlimited You 

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