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We are all experiencing uncertain times right now. From rampant misinformation to job losses, stay at home orders to toilet paper hoarding.

One thing that does not need to be an uncertainty is your health.

That may sound strange with everyone panicking about the Coronavirus, but the important thing to keep in mind is you have the ability to support your body and your immune system!

Your body is dealing with bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, etc, everyday and you don’t even know about it!

Your body just does it for you. Your body is healing you from all sorts of things, constantly rebuilding tissues and fighting against stressors.

You may wonder then, if your body always does this, why wouldn’t it now? Well, for most of us, our bodies still are.

But with fear spreading like wildfire, it weakens the immune system.

The real key in all of this, besides your body always healing you, is that you can take steps right now to strengthen your immune system and increase your health!

We all know the basics: get exercise, fresh air, sunlight, laugh often, connect with family and friends (virtually for now), sleep for 8 hours per night, meditate, etc. These are always important.

There is much more though! Keep in mind, with all the recommendations you will find in this article, you are not required to do all of it. Pick what resonates for you and start there. Don’t let any of this, the virus or the suggestions, overwhelm you.

  1. Nutritionallyavoid sugar! Sugar decreases your immune system every time you eat it. And currently, with everything going on, sugar is sugar is sugar regardless of its source.
  2. Supplementallyvitamin C, vitamin D3 + K2 (the combination of these two is a must for the body to actually use the vitamin D3), and magnesium are vital. It’s a combination of immune support, virus fighting, full body support that also covers the most common deficiencies in the US. As a side note, the actual formulation makes all the difference, which is why in our practice we love Systemic Formulas! It is of great importance that vitamins are not synthetic!
  3. Sleep – we say good sleep is vital, but too many of us don’t achieve this. A few tips: make your bedroom as dark as possible, even a little glowing light on your electronic devices can disrupt your sleep. Turn your phone off/put it on airplane mode, the EMFs being transmitted impact our sleep. Avoid screens for 1 – 2 hours before bedtime, because blue light can postpone the natural melatonin release by several hours.
  4. Reduce the toxin load in your house! There are many chemicals that are very bad for your health, and they are lurking right there in your home. Even the paint, the carpets, upholstery, etc. are all off-gassing chemical compounds, and those chemicals collect in our dust, and we breathe them in. While it is my personally most hated chore, dusting is actually very important to reduce toxic load in your house and in your body. Associated with this, of course, is also vacuuming. Opening windows is also important. Even if it is just for a few minutes, it will decrease the toxic buildup inside (this is true even in our biggest cities).

These are all very simple suggestions and recommendations, easy to implement. Start with what you are comfortable.

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As many of you already know, at Health Unlimited our goal is to support each individual patient. The suggestions in this article are good across the board.

But when it comes to more specific situations, your unique physiology and health history, we do recommend making an appointment with Dr. K.