The other week, I was relaxing on the couch and out of nowhere my pulse was high and it made so dizzy I had to lay on the floor and put my feet up. 

But my pulse wasn’t calming down. I started feeling nauseous from it. 

I even woke up during the night with my pulse high. 

This is not normal for me, and it definitely isn’t healthy. 

That morning I skipped my coffee, just in case, and went with holy basil tea instead. 

I was racking my brain for a reason as to what was going on with me. 

And then it hit me. 

I had been cleaning a cupboard in the kitchen two days earlier. 

This cupboard used to contain scented candles. 

Emphasis on “used to.” Those candles had been thrown out years ago because I know how toxic they are! 

But the entire cupboard still smelled like them. 

That’s why I had decided to wash every single thing that was stored in that cupboard. 

I even washed the entire cupboard itself. Took out the shelf inside of it. Put my ozone air filter inside it, opened the windows of the kitchen and living room… 

Those chemicals disturbed my system so badly, and the immediate effect (1 day later) that I could tell was my increased pulse! 

When I started this cleaning process, I did take extra ViRadChem Binder as a precaution. 

And this is a perfect example of why only taking binders isn’t enough to detox. 

You have to remove the source as well! 

Preemptively, I had:

  • increased my ViRadChem Binder intake
  • went for several walks in the clean, fresh air outside

And then when my pulse, all of a sudden, got that high, I added: 

  • sauna
  • a coffee enema 
  • several other healthy habits

I did get everything under control again. But this kind of scenario is best avoided. 

Now, obviously, scented candles aren’t the only culprit.

For starters, some of the toxin sources to consider include: 

If you have toxic sources in your home, I would highly recommend getting your ViRadChem Binder and start removing those sources from your home!

It was a severely acute exposure for me because I had to handle the individual items that were all covered in that scent. 

And it’s a big cupboard, I had to stick my entire upper body in to reach the back of it.

But slow, longterm accumulation can actually be worse, because it’s harder to discern and can have further reaching effects since it has so long to settle into your system. 

It’s nothing to freak out about. But it does need to be addressed.

To get started, begin with: 

  • handling the toxic sources that you have control over 
  • support your body with the healthy habits and the right binders
  • make sure to use healthy habits daily

Oh, and be sure not to gift anyone scented candles anymore! No matter how delightful they are, they are not worth the health issues. 

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