I have come to find that when there is a lesson I struggle with remembering, I tend to not be alone. One big lesson that keeps coming back to me, that affects all aspects of life, is timing.

Or rather, allowing for things to flow in their own time. 

What do I mean with this? And why would it affect your health at all? 

Well, I was helping with a move out of an apartment on the third floor, and while carrying a very heavy mattress down three flights of stairs, one of my earrings got knocked out. We started searching for it as soon as we could put down the mattress, but we could not find that earring!

We were in a crunch for time, and the longer I spent on that earring the more crunch time-y it got. I finally decided that if I’m meant to find that earring, it’ll just jump out at me later, otherwise, it just wasn’t meant to be found by me.

As we carried the second mattress down three flights of stairs, suddenly there it was. My earring was laying nowhere near where it got knocked out, and I would’ve never found it if I had kept searching earlier. 

What on earth does this have to do with your health, you ask again. There are a ton of natural practices to support your health. To keep your body in harmony, balance, health (to me these are all one and the same).

Having many health practices is great, but can also get tricky.

How do you choose which one to use right now? Do they all go together well? Is there something else missing? Is there even enough time for all of them? And then on top of it all, during appointments with me or in our newsletter, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts, you get even more tips and health practices and ideas. 

The easy step is to go with what resonates with you right now. The timing, or rather letting things flow, comes in when there is a health practice that just sounds so great, but you cannot, for the life of you, make yourself do it. That’s ok. I promise, that moment will come when it clicks, and that health practice will be perfect for you right then. 

For example, I have specific daily self care practices that I love, that keep me going when things get chaotic and crazy, and during calm times let me reach new levels. But, something happened earlier this year that completely knocked me sideways (no, not a v!ru$, we do actually need them).

Since that thing happened, I have not been able to get back into my daily stretching/yoga/connecting practice. I’ve tried, I’ve nudged at it, set time aside for it, got annoyed that I’m still not doing it.

But… I still can’t get myself to do it. I do meditate and hike daily, journal, read inspiring and soothe-the-soul type of books, I get chiropractic adjustments weekly, take my supplements, get 8 hours of sleep, intermittent fast, and so on. And yet, I can’t do that one other thing. It’s ok though.

It’s like this: I have bought books many times, where I just had to have that book! And then? I didn’t touch it or look at it for years. I basically forgot about it.

Then, suddenly, there is a moment where that book practically falls off the shelf at me. And as I start reading it now, it is THE book I needed right now. It fits perfectly, I was finally ready for that book, and I need everything it can give me. 

It’s the same with healing practices. Sometimes we just have to allow for the right timing. This is also where part of my job kicks in. During our appointments, notice how I tend to make several suggestions and always follow up with “just see which suggestions resonate with you right now.”

I keep reminding you of different healing practices throughout appointments, and when the right moment for you happens, it flows beautifully. Sometimes it’s just us finding ways to adapt that particular practice to you, or how to fit it into your schedule, or how to use existing habits of yours to add this on to. And even that is still allowing for the right time for flow, because before those tweaks, it just wasn’t right for you… yet. 

So as we’re in the holiday season now, and it looks a bit different than usual this year, I want to remind you of that timing, that flow, because just maybe you needed that reminder, too. So you can stop searching for that earring in the wrong place, and still know it’ll come to you when it’s right. 

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