I can’t say I’m always the biggest fan of electronics…

What I do like is when I can find a way to use some of the features to my advantage.

Like becoming more conscientious about my time. 

That’s where screen time comes in! 

This can be handy (all my German readers will get that pun), especially since most of us have one app or more on our phones that don’t add to our quality of life…

If you don’t already, go turn on your screen time (you can turn it off again anytime).

For the next week, don’t change anything about your habits. 

On Sunday you’ll get your screen time report. What does it show you?

For me, it showed me the harsh truth that even though social media was relegated to only when I was waiting on something, the minutes added up!

Embarrassingly, it added up to 6 hours per week?!?

Just how? 

After I got over my embarrassment, I decided to use it to my advantage. 

I set a time limit for the social media apps. This especially works for me because I get competitive and try to not even hit that “allowed” time.

But there’s still that time when I’m waiting on something, right?

I have placed books in every room I spend the most time in, as well as on my phone.

And considering how those little minutes add up, I’ve started going on the cross trainer for just 5 minutes as well.

Typically, those 5 minutes turn into 10 or 15 minutes. And by the end of the week that turns into 1 1/2 hours or so of extra movement (besides dedicated hiking/walking/exercise time). 

Does this change my quality of life?

Yes! I’m reading more books (and my reading list is endless), which I love.

I always feel better when I move my body. 

And it’s less time being inundated with all the junk on social media. Now it’s more like 30 minutes total per week on social media. 

For me, social media is actually for keeping in touch with friends again, not mindless scrolling.

So here’s my question for you (because this is for you, after all):

  • How can you use this for you?
  • Is there something that, when you’re honest with yourself, sucks up way more of your time than you’d ever want to admit?
  • How do you want to add to your quality of life?
  • How can you start making positive changes for yourself?
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