As humans, we are social creatures who need human contact in order to be healthy. 

Social isolation leads to inflammation. Inflammation sets the stage for nearly all diseases. 

This means social isolation depresses the immune system. It is your immune system that keeps you in balance. Keeps you healthy. 

It comes as no surprise that social isolation leads to depression as well.

Did you know studies have even shown a connection between addictive behavior and isolation, and when the isolation was removed, or rather, community was provided, addiction subsided… 

It is of no surprise that, traditionally, isolation is used as punishment. Think of prison, for example. Even within prison, one of the punishments they use there is even further isolation.

The CDC talks about the dangers of social isolation here. Typically, the elderly and LGBTQ+ people tend to be at higher risk of this. But right now, with lockdowns and mandates and everything in between, everyone is at higher risk.

The CDC states “People generally are social by nature, and high-quality social relationships can help them live longer, healthier lives.”

Let that sink in.

An epidemiologist at Newcastle University has even stated that “deficiencies in social relationships are associated with a higher risk for coronary heart disease and stroke.”

The Journals of Gerontology concluded a 40% increased risk of dementia due to social isolation.

There is no substitute for human contact for us. Techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR can help, but as always, the first vital step for health is making sure to remove the source of the issue.

In this case, the source is isolation.

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